Views from the Conference: Sarah Rochira

In the third of a series of short blogs around our conference, Same Picture: Different Lenses, we asked some of the speakers from the event to give us their thoughts on the conference. Sarah Rochira, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales. You can view Sarah’s speech from the conference below.

All of us in public service are here to make a difference to people’s lives.  For many people, what we do defines how safe and independent they will be.  But more than that, what we do often also defines their overall quality of life.

At any time in our lives, any of us could need public services, just as many older people do today, and when we do we will want them to be at their very best. Sitting at the heart of good public services is an unrelenting focus on impact, value and using people’s knowledge and experience. These things are, of course, always important, but in the challenging times in which we live they are crucial.

Same Picture Different Lenses (35)

I was really pleased to be part of this important conference, the first time that the Auditor General and the Commissioners and Ombudsman in Wales have spoken together on common themes.

My message as Commissioner was clear: the more we listen, the better our public services will be.

About the Author:

Sarah Rochira - The Older Presons Commissioner for walesSarah took up post as the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales following over 25 years working in the public and third sectors in Wales.

During her career she has worked within a wide range of NHS organisations across Wales, with specific responsibilities for the quality of clinical services, health improvement, equality, diversity and training. Sarah has worked extensively with and for older people. She was director of RNIB Cymru from 2008-12 and has also been an active campaigner for changes to UK and Welsh Government policy and priorities.

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