Public Engagement in Audit

Good Practice Exchange at The Wales Audit Office

Future Generations Bill Seminar

Having previously worked to increase people’s involvement in public services, it’s been great to see how the Wales Audit Office engages with people. I’ve been particularly impressed with the My Healthy Town and My Ceredigion mini-sites, especially the user (and mobile) friendly platform and how they avoid the jargon of many consultations.

This has all got me thinking about the purpose of our public engagement – what difference will participation make to our work?

In the Good Practice Exchange we look at different approaches, so as an employee of on audit body it’s been really interesting to see how the Care and Social Service Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) is looking to involve people in its work. They’re embedding public engagement at various levels, including at a strategic level.

Participation Cymru are undertaking the work with CSSIW, so I caught up with their Manager Mandy Williams to find out a little more…

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