It’s definitely worth applying to become a Wales Audit Office trainee

trainee blogRyan Price, one of our Audit Trainee’s, blogs about why he’s glad he applied for the WAO’s Audit Trainee Scheme.

The latest round of recruitment is underway. If you want to be considered for it, visit our website for further details.  The closing date is 9am, Monday 17 February 2014.)

It’s pretty remarkable that this current round of recruitment will already be the third since I applied for the Wales Audit Office trainee scheme, during the third year of my degree at Cardiff University. It certainly doesn’t feel like three years – time flies and all that!

The trainee scheme at the WAO is something that I was interested in for a variety of reasons – and variety itself was one of those. Since starting the programme in 2011, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients within the public sector – a Local Government Authority in Newport, a range of Local Health Boards, the Welsh Government itself, the National Museum of Wales and the National Assembly Members’ Pension Fund.

In addition, I have just started a secondment from the Financial Audit part of the business to the Performance Audit arm, which will allow me to see the operation of the business as a whole – even if it is a little bit like starting again!

Obviously, one of the biggest draws to the scheme is the opportunity to study for the ICAEW professional qualification (ACA). And the support package provided is something that is particularly attractive. The college tuition and revision blocks are fully funded, as are the exam fees and the learning materials,. I’m currently waiting for the results of the most recent set of exams that I undertook – the ones that I’ve sat before have all been fine, so it’s fingers crossed!

Finally, the opportunity to undertake such a scheme in the public sector was probably the biggest factor for me in choosing to apply for the scheme.  There are many audit trainee schemes out there, but comparatively few that allow you to undertake that same quality of professional training and studies, whilst also operating at the very coal face of current affairs. It may well sound clichéd, but there is something different in knowing that the work that you undertake at times has a genuine impact on the provision of services that affect the entirety of Wales – and with three full years of trainees in the organisation above you, you certainly won’t be short of people, who are going through the same scheme, to ask for advice.

About the Author:

Ryan Price is an Audit Trainee who joined the organisation in 2011, following completion of his law degree at Cardiff University.

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