Sharing our approach to report writing

Well here I am in Berlin. Sure makes a change from starting the day on the M4 in South Wales. I have been invited here to make a presentation and run a workshop as part of a two day conference hosted by the rather grandly named European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law.

The event is all about planning and carrying out value for money audits in the public sector, and provides a chance for me to share the distinct approach at the WAO to scoping and reporting our projects.

We have adopted a way of working across all our audits that is intended to make sure that our reports are clear, rigorous and brief (I like the last one best of all).  If you are interested in this kind of stuff you can find out more here.

The end result of this approach is a reporting style that is very different from the norm. No long introductions with key messages buried away somewhere in the report – we get stuck straight into the action! All our reports are on our website, and if you want to see what these look like you can find them here

The other contributors are from the European Court of Auditors, the Flemish and French Governments, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation. It will be interesting to see how other bodies carry out value for money audits, and to see what lessons we can learn from colleagues in Europe.

Auf wiedersehen!

About the Author:

Steve AshcroftFollowing a varied career in the private sector and in Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, Steve Ashcroft has worked for the Wales Audit Office and its predecessor organisations since 1994.

In this time he has project managed a large number of performance audits mainly within the health and social care sector, and within mental health in particular.

Steve is now a manager within the national studies team with a broad range of projects across the public sector.

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